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Every job is approached as a new project to achieve optimum results.

  • Paint- and surface inspection
  • Paint restoration
  • Surface treatments

Our paint restoration packages range from €290-€2000 (incl. VAT)

XPEL Ultimate paint protection film is specially designed to protect your paintwork from stone chips, scratches and everyday wear.

Xpel Ultimate is available in both gloss finish and matte finish, a 10-year warranty comes as standard. Prices vary from around €1500 for smaller protection kits to about €10 000 (incl. VAT) for full paint coverage.

Our priority is to provide private and secure storage.

Vehicles are stored discreetly in a warm and dry environment, protected from dust and other hazards.

Daily checks and maintenance are included to keep vehicles in pristine condition.

Bodyshop services, paint, custom restoration and other projects according to our clients needs and wishes.

In collaboration with SP-studio we provide wheel refurbishing and re-designing services. You only have to bring your wheels (or car) and we will take care of the rest. Prices per wheel range from €100 to €300 (Inc. VAT). It is highly recommended to have your refurbished wheels protected with special treatments afterwards.

Protect your wheels from kerb damage. Fit up to 21" wheels. 10 colors to choose from. €140 (inc. VAT) fitted.

We offer a range of different window tints.

We offer a range of surface treatments for various materials: glass, paintwork, plastic, metals, leather and textile.

As opposed to traditional car care (waxes, sealants) our surface treatments last much longer and offer much better protection.

Our surface treatment packages range from €150 to €1500 (inc. VAT).

In addition to our contemporary services we offer training and consultations.

Whether there is a need to verify the originality of paintwork or determine the steps needed for restoration, we can help.

"Perfection is a challenge we embrace"

- BadaBling Team.



Discreet service.

We understand our clients value discretion and we respect that.

Best quality and effort.

We put our best skill and effort into everything we do.

Client satisfaction.

Our ient satisfaction is very important to us.

Clean workspace.

We work in a clean environment and use safe and bio-degradable chemicals.

About us

Bada Bling is a company founded by two brothers, both engineers and car enthusiasts seeking to offer the ultimate in car care. We have a highly personal approach to determine and grant every client's wish, 

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